PTK PR2000

Production Tablet Press - 282,000 tablets per hour

PR2000 Production Tablet Press with advanced weight control 

Continued support - "PTK has 1000's of installations worldwide supported by over 32 Agencies"

Over 15 years of continuous improvement have yielded an interchangeable turret tablet press, that stands toe to toe with its European rivals at a much more palatable cost. Easily within the reach of aspiring manufacturers, often tasked with the manufacture of lower value products. See why this "Robust, Cost-Efficient" tablet press has been such a success in helping clients move away from older machinery unlocking the potential of high-speed production.

The PR2000 has been designed to increase production outputs through both its patented streamlined automatic weight regulation software and advanced turret removal system featuring a unique complete cam and tooling removal.

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View the extended features of the PR2000 including:
- Automatic Tablet Weight Control
- Soft start punch protection
- One button product setup
- Validated single tablet rejects at full speed
- Removable turret system 
- Powder control options

   Supported in the UK for over 15 years.

PR2000 Production Tablet Press

Product features

  • Proven production speeds of 282,000 tablet per hour
  • 30 minutes Turret change - Run Multiple formats - D, B, BB, BBS, EU35
  • Soft start Punch Protection technology, cGMP, CE, CFR Part 11 compliant
  • 100Kn Pre and Main compression force at full speeds
  • Automatic weight regulation and single tablet reject at full speed
  • Multi UK, European and world wide ref sites
  • Next Day onsite support - supported by UK service engineers for over 15 years

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