Tablet Compression Tooling


Our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Tablet Compression Tooling manufacture, unified to our inherent tablet press experience, gives PTK-GB a unique service position. We are able to optimise production using the most appropriate solution, be it tooling optimisation or press setting. Over many years we have developed hands-on techniques to overcome most production issues and routinely offer training on all aspects of Tablet Compression.

  • 25 years experience in tablet compression tool manufacture, steel selection, tablet design and problem solving.
  • Advanced Ultra refined Steel-types, coatings and treatments available
  • Industry recognised Steel Grades conforming to EN, DIN, ISO and AISI quality standards.
  • Manufactured using Modern Automated Vacuum Hardening Furnaces for optimum wear resistance and strength.
  • UK, European and worldwide reference sites
  • Compatible with PTK, Fette, Korsch, Kilian, IMA, Courtoy, Sejong, Riva, Natoli, OEM tooling    specifications
  •  Tooling Variants - Multi-tip Punches, Non-Symmetrical Shapes, Powder Metallurgy    Steels, Core Rods, Micro Tablet Tooling and all other variants.
  • Onsite support for both tooling and tabletting issues

Our Punches and Dies are manufactured to European Dimensional Standards and are compliant with Tablet Press OEM specifications. We offer a complete range of tooling including Multi Punches, Non-Symmetrical Shapes, Powder Metallurgy Steels, Core Rods, Micro Tablet Tooling and all other variants.


We use industry recognised Steel Grades conforming to EN,DIN,ISO and AISI quality standards. All our steels are secondary refined for purity as a minimum, and hardened within a bank of computer-controlled Vacuum Furnaces to the steel manufacturers precise structural transformation parameters, to ensure optimum structural integrity.


If you are interested in tablet compression tooling and would like to request a tablet drawing or pricing for your current tooling requirements please contact us below