Smart Monitoring

PTK performance monitoring software


On machine data collation to gather short or long-term data on:

    - Production Performance,
    - Change over times,
    - Reasons for a stoppage,
    - ‘Uptime’ analysis
    - Product Yields

+ Use the data to create real-life Key Performance Indicators for planning, production, and maintenance.
+ Perform Root Cause Analysis on Alarm triggers and performance restrictions.
+ Planning & Production Management can see at a glance real time machine

Designed for Factory Production Management or Quality Control, where daily machine performance indicators can be checked at any time and from anywhere.  Live is generated on the tablet press where accumulative Overall Equipment Effectiveness (O.E.E.) data is generated with PTK’s new in-house software bolt on.

It has never been easier to identify the most frequent alarm triggers or check change-over performance. This option is particularly powerful when the machine is being run in an un-manned environment.

Posted on Friday 11th April 2014, in Industry Articles

oee smart monitoring
oee smart monitoring