PTK PR1000

Tablet Press - 180,000 tablets / hr


With its compact design the PR1000 is a very attractive solution for companies looking to maximise production space and maintain performance and output. Designed for small scale production it features a fully automatic tablet weight control system, full cam monitoring, complete batch reporting and auditing through PTKs HMI software.

Fully automatic tablet weight control
Fully automatic weight regulation and single tablet reject at full speed ensures excellent weight conistency. This process is fully validated and tested on your products during installation.

Data Acquisition
The control software is capable of measuring and presenting a wide range of data outputs inc. real time view, full data logging and reporting.

Modular feeding system
Run a broad range of powder types using our 3 chamber or open feeders. Paddle speeds can be set to run at turret speed or Independently to allow optimal flow. Varied paddle designs available including square, round, angled, inserts

   Supported in the UK for over 10 years.

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PR1000 Production Tablet Press

Product features

  • Production speeds up to 180,000 tablets per hour
  • Automatic tablet weight regulation and single tablet reject at full speed with complete batch reporting
  • Multiple tooling formats - D, B, BB, BBS
  • cGMP, CE, CFR Part 11 compliant software
  • Flexible feeder configuration with rectangular, round, angled or spider bladed paddles
  • Full cam, punch and Kn load monitoring
  • Fully automatic lubrication system
  • De-duster, powder loader controlled from HMI, time delay after machine stop
  • Multi UK, European and world wide ref sites

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