LARGE VOLUME PRODUCTION TABLET PRESS - upto 837,000 tablets per hour

PR4000 - double-sided rotary press

The PR4000 is specifically designed for high output and long batch applications incorporating proven PTK technology. Punch head dwell times have been increased using new roller dimensions and layout out, along with a patented cam system providing a smooth and increased material filling zone. This, in turn, allows greater control of product filling during the cycle at higher speeds of production. Product weights are automatically controlled and regulated by PTK's robust PWR software ensuring a consistent and repeatable end product.

- Double-sided (capable of single-layer tablet or double layer)
- Specifically designed for high output long batch productions
- Automatic Tablet Weight Control
- Soft start punch protection
- 100KN PRE & MAIN Compression
- Validated single tablet rejects at full speed
- Removable turret system option

  Supported in the UK for over 15 years.

PR4000 Production Tablet Press

Product features

  • Designed for large batch production with output upto 837,000 tablet per hour
  • Single layer or Bi Layer tabletting
  • Multiple punch formats - D, B, BB, BBS
  • Soft start Punch Protection technology, cGMP, CE, CFR Part 11 compliant
  • 100Kn Pre and Main compression force
  • Automatic weight regulation and single tablet reject at full speed
  • Multi UK, European and world wide ref sites
  • Next Day onsite support - supported by UK service engineers for over 15 years

Ref: PR4000

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