Tablet Deduster & Metal Detector combination

PTK PP300-DD Tablet Deduster & Metal Detector

PTK's tablet deduster and combination metal detector designed using proven and patented technologies ensure high speed conveying of micro to large tablet diameters from the tablet press.

Cleaner Tablets
Vibration-free housing results in lower noise whilst tablets are passed upward through adjustable air showers and vacuum ports which is critical for conveying micro tablets. 

World Class Metal Detection from Loma Insight Detection head
Best in class calibrated detection levels of 0.25mmFE, 0.3mmNFE, 0.4mm St/St

 Insight PH Metal Detector Datasheet Download

 Supported in the UK for over 12 years

PTK Tablet Deduster & Metal Detector

Product features

  • INSIGHT PH Metal Checker
  • Automatic metal detector setup
  • VFD Display, Reject Mechanism- lift flap round
  • Detection levels of 0.25mmFE, 0.3mmNFE, 0.4mm St/St
  • 200 product memory
  • 3 level security
  • Test discs 0.3mm Fe, 0.35mm Nfe & 0.5mm StSt 316
  • Report download via usb port.
  • Adjustable Air shower / Dust extraction
  • On / Off and time delay can be fully controlled by all PTK tablet presses
  • Height adjustable
  • Inlet / outlet angle adjustable for correct room layout
  • Can be used on any tablet press models
  • Validation documents available (IQ/OQ, PQ)

Ref: PP-300-DD

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