Manesty Replacement Parts

Manesty Tablet Press Spares for clients with older machines.
As a UK based company and with engineers who have worked with many types of rotary tablet presses, PTK-GB Ltd provides specialized knowledge and experience when it comes to Manesty spare parts.

We work with new or existing clients which have transitioned to quicker PTK tablet presses but still retain older Manesty machines as valuable production machinery. 

Whether it be a replacement seal kit for your enerpac cylinder or compression rolls and pins we are here to help. Please contact our parts and service team.

Manesty Parts Types:
Pressure Rolls, Bronze worms, Feed Frames, Lower roll shafts, upper lifting cams, lowering cams, cam body, tail on die, scraper blades, ejection cam, turrets, o'ring, die screws, bushes, maxi-lock, upper lowering cam, lower punch drop out plug, hoppers

Manesty Machine Types:
Manesty Unipress D | Manesty Novapress D| Manesty D3B | Manesty Express | Manesty BB3B | Manesty B4 | Manesty D4 | Manesty F3 | Manesty Rotapress | Manesty Betapress | Technipress 2000 | Technipress 1000 | Fette P1000 | Fette P2000 | Korsch 250 | Courtoy R090 | Courtoy 1/2

Parts & Service contact:
Tel: +44 (0)1782 461344