Production high shear mixer granulator

Working volume 85 to 640 Litre

Production High Shear Mixing and Granulation
PM1100-1300 (85 to 640 Litres)

PTK'S high performance production mixers for the fast and efficient mixing of pharmaceutical dry powder blends and wet granulation formulations using the combined actions of the impeller, chopper and liquid binders. The mixing process can be fully automated and configured to the optimal product environment, guaranteeing exceptional product stability time after time. Designed for easy functionality, robust and cleanable, all PM mixers show PTK's innovation and meet all GMP requirements. 


Production high shear mixer granulator

Product features

  • Save all recipe/product data onto HMI for manual or automated mixing control
  • Allows full data analysis and batch reporting
  • Automated vessel lid lifting*
  • Main Impeller lifting device for easy cleaning
  • WIP cleaning*
  • Jacketed vessel*
  • Liquid binder
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring*
  • Many Powder loading options
  • Integrated sieve or external granulators (cone mill)
  • Pressure tested design to 12 bar
  • HMI controls 21 CFR Part 11, with remote maintenance access
  • Bottom driven single pot mixer.
  • Options*

Ref: PM-1100-1300

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