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Surepharm offers a complete pharmaceutical manufacturing and assembly service for solid dose medicinal and healthcare products. Surepharms business has grown steadily since its founding in 1990 through the establishment of long term customer relationships forged on technical expertise, quality, reliability, and efficiency. They are licensed by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), permitting them to provide a full, in-house manufacturing and assembly service, all under the same roof. 

PTK-GB Ltd. engineers have been supporting Surpharm for over 10 years since they first purchased their first PTK PR2000 Fully Automated High-Speed Tablet Press in November 2008. From installation, the machines had made an instant impact on Surepharm’s production capacity in line with their growing order book.

Key Points:

  • A quicker return on investment (ROI) has been one of the top reasons
  • Installations of PTK Tablet Presses in the field have shown world-class uptimes
  • Performance levels that match/exceed that of well-known presses such as Korsch or Fette
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Interchangeable turret technology and a patented turret fixing method ensure substantially shorter changeovers

PTK’s HMI software is an added benefit by allowing Surepharm to learn more about their products compression characteristics which will also lead to refinement of downstream processes giving greater efficiencies and in-house knowledge. Surepharm’s Production Manager commented,

“We have put 5 of our more challenging products on the PTK press to date, the reduced batch times of typically 50% have meant more output, week on week we break records for weekly output. The machine is incredibly operator friendly and our team are keen to keep trying new products and reach previously unimaginable outputs. ”

Difficult Product:
Ibruprofen 400mg Caplet. - The collaboration of PTK and Tooling suppliers have solved all compression issues for Surepharm’s Ibuprofen products, widely accepted as a difficult product to manufacture requiring expert handling.

Previous Experience
Machine = Manesty Express
Tooling type =EU D Type
Number of Stations  = 20.
Batch running Time = 24 hours.
Batch to batch Changeover time = 3 hours.
Output Speed = 20,833 tablets per hour.
Output per station = 1,041 tablets per hour.
Comments using old machines:

  • Tight lower punches.
  • Sticking to tip face so each batch needed tooling cleaning.
  • Weaknesses in tablet structure leading to lamination.
  • Twinning of tablets during coating.

Experience with PTK Press
Machine = PTK PR2000
Tooling type =EU D Type
Number of Stations  = 29.
Batch running Time = 7 hours.
Batch to batch Changeover time = 0.5 hours.
Output Speed = 69,600 tablets per hour.
Output per station = 2,400 tablets per hour.


  • The extra 9 stations are not the only benefit. The compression characteristics of the press and cool running temperatures mean the output per station is increased by 230% directly equating to the Press design being 230% more efficient.
  • Sticking is eliminated by equalising compression force loading of the upper and lower punch. Improving product quality and batch to batch changeover times.
  • Implementing more pre-compression and the large roll size of both compression stations gives the required dwell time to give a more cohesive tablet.
  • A minor modification to peripheral tablet shape eliminated twinning during coating.

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