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Royal Herkel is a multi-faceted company in Zeewolde, at the heart of the Netherlands. Entrepreneurial and creative, but also traditional and dedicated. Since 1915 thier name stands for expertise, quality and reliability, backed up by their ultra-modern facility with 60 production and packaging lines they manufacture more than 1500 products for private labels and brands: from nutritional supplements to medical devices, from pharmaceutical products to cosmetics. Innovation is thier driver for growth based on a transparent and efficient working method.

We talk about PTK's long standing relationship and supply of pharmaceutical equipment. (tablet presses, tablet coaters).

Q. Royal Herkel, have a World Class, purpose designed factory, therefore did the installation and commissioning of PTK machinery live up to your expectations?

PTK lived up to our expectations of providing a combination of competitive pricing with good performance and local technical support..

It enabled us to offer solutions and compliance to the standards of both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical customers.

Q. What impact did the introduction of PTK machinery have on production at Royal Herkel?

In order to expand our production capacity PTK offered cost-efficient machines with good controls and reliable performance.

Q. How did the Control Systems equipped to PTK machinery benefit Royal Herkel?

All relevant production information and setup parameters are quickly accessible, which offers an indirect benefit of making it easy to train new operators.

Q. Did the introduction of PTK machinery impact on change over times between products, leading to more ‘production up time?

It generally improved change over times and a specific example is the changeable turret on tablet presses.

Q. What reaction do you get from either customers or auditors when they are shown the investments you have made in high specification, fully automated machinery?

“Despite that”, or in our view because we are a contract manufacturer in a very competitive market we aim to make commercially sustainable choices.

This applies for suppliers and manufacturers of our ingredients and packaging material as well as our hardware suppliers for machinery.

Working this way with PTK is a good example to show during audits.

Q. Will using PTK machinery have an onward benefit to Royal Herkel’s customers in terms of lead times, and Quality Assurance?

Yes, it helped us to rationalize our machine park and invest in machines with higher capacity and operation flexibility. This resulted in an improved output performance.

The PTK machines perform consistently and the standardisation of production equipment helped QA to implement general line standards instead of specific product-machine combinations.

Q. Why did Royal Herkel select and continue to select PTK machinery?

For us PTK offers a combination of competitive pricing with good performance and reliability.
There are various options on capacity and flexibility to serve the requirements of the specific process or machine and all is handled effectively by the UK office for local technical support.

Click here to find out more about Royal Herkels world-class manufacturing and production facility. https://royalherkel.com/en/


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