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Actavis UK, now known as Accord Healthcare Ltd. – PTK PR2000 Production Tablet Presses

The machines are configured for the manufacture of a diverse range of generic tablets to industry-leading standards for both the UK and international markets. The newly established tablet press has a unique design that allows a substantially shorter changeover between batches than has been possible in the past. This is achieved by using interchangeable turret technology and a patented turret fixing method.

Actavis main driver for choosing the PTK tablet presses was to maximize capacity.

Its instantaneous capacity is very close to the theoretical maximum. Couple this with a short change-over time and Actavis estimates that the shortest payback of the capital investment will be achieved with the PTK concept.

In order to evaluate the press from day one, Actavis piloted the BARCO Plant-master system integrated into the press to monitor its Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Actavis Manufacturing manager quotes.

“PLANTMASTER is giving us reliable and realistic information and we have been impressed by the consistency of the data. In particular, it reveals the huge potential for downtime analysis particularly during changeovers, which could involve a simple batch to batch change or a product change with new tooling and materials, the data being captured is leading to some very positive observations.  During the process, we have purposely challenged the PTK machines with short campaigns of the most challenging molecules in our portfolio.  It has proven to be a real asset, to be able to couple process data from the press with real-time OEE feeds”.

The fervent ambition of Actavis UK Ltd and industry renowned capabilities of Barco have facilitated a highly successful and rewarding collaboration and a most suitable showcase for the groundbreaking PTK tablet presses.

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PTK PR2000